Big turbo question


Jul 21, 2021
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Hello gentlemen

so I have been pondering a little lately regarding the turbo on my Audi A7 and the upgrades available. After viewing what’s available and what’s being done work wise with dark side and various other companies. it seems the space where the turbo installs at the back of the engine is limited so there’s only so much big you can go to install in its original place.

Now how about some pipe fabrication from its original location routing to where the intake box is and then mount a big fk off turbo there rather than trying to keep squeezing so much from that little peice of shizzle? Or is the turbo itself not the limiting factor and even something like 600+ can be had from it providing supportive upgrades hence no one bothers to do this fabrication and relocation of a turbo itself?

inputs pleaseI’m sure you guys know what I mean by above if you look at some of this 2jz or similar engines where the turbo is mounted at the from left exactly where out air box is. Turbos where you can stick your fist in.

in put please.

Update for Bobby, it’s been a while as quite busy with work. But I have the down pipe which replaces the dpf and cat ready aswell as bigger front mounted inter cooler and straight through exhaust system.
Just need to take some time out to come see you to discuss options.