B9.5 RS4 Vorsprung - Odd Noises


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Jul 27, 2020
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East Midlands
So, the car was bought brand new in June 2020 and has covered around 9,700 miles since then.
Within the past few days, I have noticed an audible low-resonance buzzing/whining in the cabin with the engine running while the car is stationary - on the driveway, at traffic lights, junctions etc. The auto start/stop feature is a bit random, but when it does activate itself and the engine fires back up there is a momentary 'whoosh' before the buzzing starts again (imagine the automatic doors on the Starship Enterprise). Not heard this before. This buzzing/whining that then follows is audible over the radio at moderate levels when stationary, but hardly noticeable when the car is moving, likely due to road and other ambient noise overriding it.
The whining can also be heard when sitting in the rear and also when the engine is running, vehicle stationary and I'm outside the vehicle.
I ambushed my local centre with this last Friday afternoon and there was some discussion with a technician that it might be fuel pump related and they'd listen for the same effects in an identical car that was in the centre for servicing.
They've now advised the same experience is present on the other car and therefore this noise must be a characteristic of the model. Except in the two years I've owned the vehicle, the whine/buzz noise hasn't presented itself at all, never mind being front and centre of my hearing. It isn't as though I've got voices in my head - a chap totally unconnected with my car heard it for himself yesterday while at my property. It is impossible to ignore.
is there anyone in the community that could advise what this might be, as I suspect there will be a bit of push-pull between me and the local centre over this.
The car is normally driven in Dynamic mode in 'D' program. I occasionally drop it into the 'S' setting in Dynamic for the grins, but in full auto it never gets beyond 7th before I'm well above the point at which I'd be up before the magistrate.
Any thoughts/advice appreciated.