looking to get 1.8t engine convertible


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Aug 18, 2016
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Am looking to get a A4 convertible either B6 or B7 with 1.8t petrol engine with a budget of £2500.

Is there anything to be concerned about on the 1.8t engine in terms of reliability or is 2.0 petrol the better car ?
Am not to bothered about speed, this will be a second car just for fun.
I found the 1.8t a bit lazy...took some waking up. Also the mpg was pretty poor for a small petrol.
I have a 2.0 tfsi it's completely different but it is the b8 variant.
The 1.8t is a simpler engine and doesn't seem to suffer with the inherent issues that the 2.0 tfsi has with cam followers and carbon build up. They can be a little sluggish in standard trim, but a simple remap wakes them up and their are a plethora of upgrades you can make if you're that way inclined.

I used to see 32mpg average from my S3 and 38mpg from my A3, so not too bad for a an older petrol turbo engine.
I have a 3.2q manual convertible. They are good solid cars, when I was looking to buy, the advice was only get an auto if it was quattro (different box), manuals are fine in either fwd or quattro. So just avoid the multitronic box and make sure the roof works, open and. Close a few times not just once. I would also try and make sure the wind deflector is included, makes a big difference at high speed.
Yeah sorry I always forget that I only ever have quattro's and that does shave a bit of the mpg...