Problem A4 b6 tdi

Ale a4

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Apr 26, 2022
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hi everyone can someone help me
I have a problem with my a4 b6 pd130 ... since I put the hybrid turbo at times the car at low and slow giving gas opens at 2000rpm and behind cloud of black smoke ... while at times it returns to normal good recovery at bass with little smoke ..
Has anyone else had my problem?
the car now has a map
turbo hybrido egr off decat sports air filter and direct exhaust ..
thank you
Presumably you've had it remapped since these hardware changes? Hybrid turbo's add additional lag and have to mapped in correctly.
yes the car has been remapped .. but the problem is that it doesn't always do it ...
Then I would suggest that your turbo or it's actuator is suspect. You need to use vcds and see if it's providing near the requested boost when the issue you're experiencing happens.
Not the issue but get rid of the so called performance air filter , your turbo compressor wheel will thank you for it !
I have a doubt about the intercooler ... could it be that when the air is too hot it doesn't cool down?
because when the car behaves like this I noticed that it consumes more

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