Audi A7 3.0 TDI (245bhp) Part Name Required


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May 21, 2022
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Bury, Greater Manchester
Hi Guys,

I am in serious need of help.

There is cable connected to the coolant control valve (I believe) the cable is connected direct to the gearbox but I am unable to know the exact name for this full cable or official Audi part number please see images below.

I wish I could actually give more information on the cable but mine is severely burned.

I have rang Audi Dealers in the UK and they are unable to help of give me the part number....

I wanted to also know is possible to buy the whole OEM cable?


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This is a difficult one, as there are loads of cables within every car, so no surprise the dealers are not able to assist over the phone.

Here is a link to an online parts catalogue - have a look and you will see what I mean :blink:

When you say the cable is burnt, do you mean the whole length of the cable has gone, or just the plug? There is usually an Audi part number on a tag somewhere on the cable. Can you remove the cable, are both ends burnt?

  • Remove the cable and physically take it to a dealer.
  • Fine someone selling parts off an accident damaged/write-off car with the same gearbox & engine (A6 & A7 are mechanically the same) eBay is a reasonable source, or Google for Audi breakers.
  • Shout out in the forum for someone with a similar car in your area, meet up and have a look at theirs.
Good Luck :hi:
I'd be concerned why it's burnt 1st of all.

Is the cable completely separate or wound within other looms, if the foremost, it should be available separately, latter, unlikely.

I'll check etka if I get a chance.