Reliability 2.0 vs 3.0 tdi


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Apr 8, 2009
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Long time forum member but not posted for an eternity! Have had many Audis in my life time, many A3 8p’s, currently a 170 stronic. Had a C6 and both company cars have been A3’s including my current one which is a 1.5tfsi.

I am looking to take a cash allowance for my company car so back into the used car market looking at A4’s (b8 & 9) A5’s, A6’s (c7) and A7’s. Enjoyed it at first, but it’s becoming a bit of a chore now.

the reason my post is around reliability. Most posts will get responses of “the 3.0 tdi v6’s are bullet proof, steer clear of 2.0 4 cylinders” but the more I look and research, I think that may not be the case? I’m forever hearing horror stories about timing chain rattle etc, I even got a sound clip for an A7 but it’s hard to say as they all send pretty bad compared with petrol cars!
I’m not sure what my point here is as I type this! Ha! But suppose it’s “is the bullet 3.0 tdi engine really as reliable as people make out, or is the 4 cylinder a better compromise with its cheaper cambelt replacement and fewer injectors?”
The chain rattles but there's hardly any examples of it actually breaking.

My 3.0 tdi has been rock solid and is tuned for over 5 years of me abusing it haha trust me there solid just find a well serviced example and make sure its had a stronic service at 60k

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