N75 area help please S3 8L bam


Feb 19, 2022
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Could some one please tell me what this solenoid valve is please. There is one connection to the boost pipe and one pipe to the N75. What I am concerned about the the other out let that does not have a hose and is just open as can be seen in the image PXL 20220509 154240194MP. The car has had a PCR delete done. I have only just got the car and working through all the hoses etc replacing hoses and bits as needed.
Thats the N249 valve... it shouldn't be fitted that way at all.... looks like someone read too many interwebs

Thanks . I thought it looked a bit odd. Can anyone tell me how it should be fitted please?
I would forget refitting tbh... N249 bypass is a fairly common mod... what you should do though is replace the hose from the charge pipe to the N75 removing the N249 valve from that line... you will need to leave the N249 valve electrically connected otherwise the ECU will get unhappy... just cable tie it out of the way...

Thank you very much for this , have had a quick look at the stickies as well. Looks like someone has done half the job. Dump valve is already connected to the manifold. So will now just replace the N249 with hose direct to the N75, as you say. Many thanks for the help. Learning curve still vertical, but feel I am making progress.
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