A3 35tfsi mHev - Mileage

My tank when I picked up the car said 400 when full, now claims I can do 460.

My trip claims over the 3500 miles I’ve done since I’ve had the car that I average 37mpg.
According to the data I have in the RoadTrip app, I’ve averaged 400 miles per tank (I pretty much always run from full to empty) at 42 mpg over 5000 miles from new.

The most I have ever got out of a tank was 470 miles (at 45 mpg).
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I would say it pretty accurate as I usually fill it up Weekley and it never get much bow halfway but yeah we do around 230-250 miles a week
In my experience, the estimated range is optimistic when the tank is full. I typically see a range of around 500 miles when filling up, but I don’t get this in practice.
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