Avant rear wash wipe


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May 6, 2007
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Chorley, Lancs
Does everyone who owns an Avant have problems with the rear wiper washer jet continually getting blocked ? The Avants do seem to get a lot of filth thrown up behind them....especially in wet weather

I keep a bit of wire from a wire brush in my car just to clean the darn thing out all the time.....

Any ideas or tips to prevent it getting blockedd, other than use it every day ?
Yep, same here.
Someone should design/ sell a very small lip spoiler to stick to the tailgate underneath the rear window which would prevent road film from being sucked up and across the rear screen (and into the washer nozzles)...
touch wood i havent had a problem with mine as yet
but i have on other cars
Snap. Audi should include a safety pin in the glovebox. Pain in the ***.
I get the same problem and I have found on mine that where you want the ball to squirt the jet it deflects off the plastic surrounding the ball.