DVD eject button lock - can a reset sort this or is it VCDS code change only?


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Aug 28, 2011
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As per the title, can the 2011 S3 RNS-E be factory reset to unlock the DVD eject button, or is it VCDS only? I had a call back from Audi and he reckoned it could be done but I know nothing so before I start wasting my time I am asking you clever lot on here. Thanks folks :D
Dvd only unlocks via adaption channel.
Yeah via VCDS. Had to do it myself to update the sat nav discs.

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Right. So I need to look into getting a local VCDS person to sort me out
Update: my car was in Audi and they reckon they cannot connect to the RNSE to find out the issue. I have an OBD Portector and as far as I'm concerned, if you can get in to see the service indicator then you can get in to see the RNSE, so they are trying to tell me that the OBD Portector is the problem. I don't believe that for one minute. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get this sorted out around Notts? I want the 12 year old DVD out so I can ****** use the damn thing for something else.
Thanks all
No thats not true, just because you can access certain systems doesn't mean you can access all as they're independent, if they can't connect to the rns then it's possible there's a bus error maybe with wiring of it's a retrofit as sometimes people mess with the wiring or don't know how to fit properly.

Notts is a distance for me but I'm sure I can resolve it, but it would cost a bit in time & fuel etc costs.
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