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Byron Jones

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Apr 10, 2018
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Hi FYI just tried to do a map update ( download to MMI ) it's being going for 3 days now and not finished yet so I rang Audi CS and was told to stop the update and download to a USB via my Audi app in 3 days time as there is a problem with going straight to MMI in the car
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Not that I know the settings it has a tab for `auto updates`...turn it off if you are having far as I know Audi use EE network for the cars inbuilt sim...sometimes if you are in an area that has a poor signal then it can take awhile to update....try leaving it and drive around whilst it does its thing, you can update manually via the usb-c.... go to the website and download the map to a usb c stick and follow the cars prompts......I have had no issues updating the maps, normally it finishes any updates when I first turn on the MMI....I would assume your A3 does the guess is you are in an area with a poor EE your google maps show up straight away when you switch the car on?...or do you get just the simple `outline` maps?.....sometimes if the load times are slow for google maps then its normally down to a poor reception.
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