Q3 Q3 Sportback, Carplay wireless?


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Jan 20, 2022
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I bought a new audi q3 sportback (2021), it does not have mmi plus navigation and its small screen. I have to use Apple Carplay, but unfortunately it only works with the cable. I've tried everything and it doesn't work wirelessly, now I found out in the car settings that the connections don't have wireless, only bluetooth.

Is there a possibility to activate wifi and wireless carplay?
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I do have the same issue, it’s truly annoying that we have a 2021-22 car and it hasn’t got wireless CarPlay while in cars or 2006+ you can have amazing things with just 500-600€ and in our case just to get wireless CarPlay we have to pay like 2k.
The vehicle importers decide the specifications for models for their local markets.

For my UK spec 2020 F3 RSQ3 it is Wireless CarPlay capable but needs to be turned on using the OBD Eleven. Once enabled it would need to be connected with a cable one more time to complete the set up. Maybe that's the case for your car too?

An alternative approach would be to use Android Auto - which on my car is default cable only. This device gives me Wireless Android Auto: https://www.aawireless.io/

In practice both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto authenticate using Bluetooth and then switch to Wireless (greater bandwidth than Bluetooth).

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