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Mar 26, 2021
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West Sussex
I have a 2021 Audi A3 (8Y) 1.5 S-line 35TFSI S-Tronic which I am underwhelmed by mainly because of MMI gremlins. The latest issue which has only recently occurred is that with phone contacts it links the wrong name to received calls and recently called numbers, for example, my friend Jan is displayed as "Audi Ensurance" if she rings me in the car and in the recent calls list on the MMI but with the correct phone number for her. This happens with other numbers/callers too. I have checked the phone and the names and numbers are correct on the phone. Also, this is only a recent issue, up until a couple of weeks ago the names and numbers matched, I haven't changed anything. I've tried resetting the MMI and downloading the contacts again but the same problem arises. This is another issue that makes me feel the 8Y is a shadow of previous versions and I may well leave the Audi marque especially as their head office are so high-handed and unhelpful.