Car value due to pandemic


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Oct 26, 2015
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Haldex City
Meet up with a friend over the weekend and we discussed the mad second hand prices of cars and he mentioned that when he is back to work he will be calling his insurance about the cost to replace his car if the worst happens as it’s worth more. And also his home insurance.

I said surly they would have to adjust the premium? He said about one of his customers had a warehouse burn down over the summer but only now he has just been paid out the rebuild costs. Trouble is the price of material has gone up and it’s not enough and the insurance company said tough we have a rebuild cost on file and not our problem. Got me thinking should I talk to my insurance companies about this. I’m a bit hesitant to call the car insurance company as a few years ago I made an enquiry to them about getting a pay out towards some vandalism to my last car and I didn’t go ahead and I paid out of my own pocket. But I got punished a bit come renewal time as the phone call I made was classed as a ‘cue claim’

Anyone thought about this?

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