Map Updates

Feb 20, 2021
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Alright Guys.

Whilst the My Audi UK site has given up on doing map downloads,

Am I right in thinking a 2020+ Golf with Discover Pro (MIB3) is the same maps as in an Audi A3/S3 8Y?

Or should I just wait for the Audi UK site to start working again?

Make sure online map update is switched on on your mmi then about once a month it will automatically do a update.
You can also check the map update version on the mmi 12/21 was installed on mine Tuesday
I find that if I log onto the My Audi website on my PC that sometimes it seems to think that I am in a non EU country - usually it gives me data in km and not miles - and then there is no map to download.
I find that logging off and then checking the country shown in the bottom right as UK does the trick.

My MMI has not downloaded a map update since July. It's not bothering me (too much) at the moment and if it sticks at July 2021 I will apply the map manually. I am not sure why it's stopped downloading maps over the air - trying the toggle button in the MMI does nothing! I just put it down to another one of the MMI glitches.
Yeah I did double check that and no dice. is the file it tries to download but throws up the mapcare not installed error.

Don't suppose anyone else has the zip file at all?