B9 2021 B9.5 RS4 brand new


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Dec 2, 2018
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Just picked up my RS4 this weekend

I am over the moon with it, the wait has been well worth it.

I have witnessed a couple of things that I needed to ask bout before I flagged them up to the dealer.

I’m in RS2 mode then gone to manual, on the gear stick to use the paddles.

Does it not change gear automatically if going into redline? Like it does in drive and sport?

In second hitting redline it didn’t change up itself auto until I did physically on the paddle.

Is this a setting within RS2 mode?

Also have been witnessing a slight lumbering/stuttering at half throttle in third. This goes away if going full throttle or backing off but is noticeable.

Is this normal?



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Car will hit the rev limiter in manual mode, you need to make the change yourself. Sure it was accidental because you thought it would change up but I’d personally avoid red lining a brand new car…. Others may disagree and thrash from day 1, but I’d avoid.
Should be no lumbering or stuttering, back to the dealer to get it checked I’m afraid