For Sale Winter Tyres x 2


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Mar 9, 2015
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Before I go on ebay with them I have 2 x Dunlop Winter Sport 4d's size is 245/40 R18 -97H extra load.
I would say that these have at least 5 - 5.5 mm tread left on them with perfect even wear, I had them on my B6 quattro 2 years ago and they were dry stored in the back of my garage when I sold the car, finally got my 4rse into gear this weekend and took photo's.
Great tyre's only selling as my b8 has 19's otherwise they'd be going on now.
Looking at ebay prices they seem to be going for at least £50 per tyre with either this much tread or less, so make me an offer if your interested.
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Thanks bud, ideally looking at 235's and might have found someone with a set of 4 contis. Where are you located? Fair price for what they are, shouldn't have left it this late in the year to sort but thought I had a pair in the garage, alas a puncture has got one!
These can be had for £50 the pair plus courier or welcome to collect.
Need the space and no point them going to waste..
What’s best price delivered please

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Hi, probably too late but I would have got an email if you had PM'd me.
2 x tyres delivered for £80 depending on your location i.e. not in the Highlands or offshore!