Rs3 8y or…?

I’d spaced a Porsche Macan S prior to seeing the RS3 even with my spec it was just over the the £60k tag but my local dealer was reluctant to help me buy one. So glad I didn’t as the RS3 is everything I need in a car at the moment, 4 doors, decent boot and OMG performance. The new 2 series I feel the bonnet is too long and much prefer the look of the out going model. Other than that I would have most likely stayed with my Golf R.
Last November I traded in my RS3 8V after nearly 6 years of ownership for a Lotus Emira.
I loved my RS3 and took it from standard to built stage 4 over the years. In the end it was super fast but I liked it the best at stage 2+ 515hp due to the instant power. At that point I did have Wavetrack, K3s, OZs and Verkline chassis so it got the power down well.
My new car is very different with a manual 3.5 supercharged mid engine set up. It only does 4.3 0-60 but that’s largely due to being manual without launch but once moving it’s probably hard to tell the power difference to a standard RS3 and extremely good at dry weather handling. Wet weather not a patch on the RS3 but saying that I didn’t drive my RS3 hard in the wet with cup 2 tyres.
Now I don’t have a company car I may get another RS3 as a daily but will probably wait to see what the FL looks like later this year.

IMG 5701

As usual even buying a 7 month old car with 2400 miles on it I could resist some subtle mods and added Nitron coilovers and a Milltek exhaust with 3rd cat delete.
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As others have said I'm really warming to the current M3/M4 especially as prices keep dropping.

I think if the right one comes along at the right price I'll probably jump ship and see where it takes me
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LOL - snap! Picked up my Emira i4 on Saturday. We're keeping the RS3 for the practical stuff :)

Emira Collection 11
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LOL - snap! Picked up my Emira i4 on Saturday. We're keeping the RS3 for the practical stuff :)

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How are you finding your new Emira and have you learn to drive it faster round bends than the RS3 yet? I spoke to a semi pro driver who said he does faster laps in the V6 Emiras than he can do it his RS3. Personally I don't think I am that good yet after 6 years of being spoiled driving an RS3 with the built in driving aids. I realised that traction off on my 8V is not the same as traction really off on the Emira.
I am still a big RS3 fan. :cool:
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I've had two Lotuses (Loti?) and they're my favorite car company. But the RS3 is perfect for my needs, and my wife can easily get in & out of it and it's great fun when you want it to be. But I could see getting a used Elise sometime in the near future (I really miss a manual trans). I traded an Alfa 4C in for the RS3, and no regrets.
How are you finding your new Emira
Loving it so far. It's early days - I'm still in the running in period so I'm having to restrain things a bit. Plus most miles have been with my wife as passenger so less opportunity for exploring the dynamics! However, I can already tell that it feels super flat and planted around corners. I've not owned a mid-engined car before and you can really feel the difference in the balance - cornering feels effortless. Cars like the RS3 and the Emira have such high limits that I doubt I will get close on the road but both feel special in their own ways.
RS3 is perfect for my needs
100%. I sold my M3 last summer and we've been running the RS3 for everything since. It's very good at everything. I can't think of many cars that match it for performance, dynamics and practicality. It's equally happy hooning round the Lake District or lugging a bootload of luggage on a long haul. Also, it's not in any way difficult or intimidating to drive so my wife is equally happy using it for daily duties.
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