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Sep 9, 2021
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Hi everyone and good evening

Im going to try and keep this simple

Audi A4 B6 TDI 130 bhp AVF engine FYA gearbox 6 speed 53 plate

1. Changing my engine hydro mounts due to failure of both leaking red/purple oil and diagnostics showed up engine mount short to ground
2. Bought both from TPS costing in total over £350
3. The left engine mount original code 8E0199379L stamped B6 on the bottom of the mount with the electric plug has been superseded to 8E0199379BF with B7 stamped on the bottom with the electric plug
4. The 8E0199379BF wouldn't fit the car and after offering up the 8E0199379L I noticed an 5/6mm difference where the locating dowel is on the bottom of each mount, I tried the mount the only other way around and the plug was touching the a/c compressor so a no go!
5. I reluctantly put the old mount 8E0199379L back on the car
6. Contacted TPS and they said that there was no other part available and asked the usual questions like did you try the mount the other way around etc
7. TPS didn't help any further but did arrange collection of both mounts and refunded me the following day
8. I decided to get a second opinion and contacted Lincoln Audi parts who were very helpful however they came to the same conclusion that 8E0199379BF is in deed the correct part supposedly even though it doesn't fit my car, I asked if there was a bulletin on the car..... the mounting needing adapting or replacing for a B7 one, to that I was told there was nothing on the system to suggest that.

So I need some help with this, I want original parts as I understand the importance of the hydro mounts and what they do the cars been amazing ive owned it for almost 10years and im keeping it so I know money needs to be spent to keep the car spot on.

I have tried aftermarket mounts about 18months ago and they just cause vibration even though the left mount still has an electric plug and the codes been erased

The only major thing about the B7 mounting bracket on the left side is that unlike the B6 mounting bracket it doesn't have the balance weight attached, in fact there is no moulded piece on the B7 mounting bracket to attach the balance weight.

*So would a B7 mounting bracket work on the B6? as my thinking around this is that the locating dowel on the 8E0199379BF would fit this.
*Would the balance weight be part of the superseded part? or does the B7 do away with the mounting balance weight due to the 2.0 TDI engine having a balance shaft thus the balance weight would be redundant.

There I can take a breath

some help with this would be really appreciated as between work my daily driver which this is and my project sitting the the garage my head is about to explode

Thanks in advance
Isn't there a low powered 1.9 TDI model in the b7 range? I'd have thought the mount would be identical.

Mine has the Passat mounts, changed before I bought the car. I cannot say I notice any issues with vibration, but yes it records a code in the logs
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Hi yes the 1.9 b7 tdi is the low power version it does have the same mount as mine however the engine mount is the same as mine also meaning the superseded part is the same 8E0199379BF so isnt going to fit

Im only questioning the 2.0 tdi B7 mount bracket because the engine mount is 8E0199379BF and so will fit this model, i was thinking of buying a used mount bracket from a 2.0 tdi B7 to try on my B6 however the balance weight isnt on the B7 bracket and is on my B6 so was concerned this swap would not work
I was contemplating drilling the mount out 5/6mm to make space for the mount locating dowel but Audi Lincoln didn't recommend it

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