Q7 Q7 air suspension

Ian Houghton

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Feb 9, 2020
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Hi there, I'm looking at buying a 2018/2019 Q7 S line and some adverts mention "Adaptive Air Suspension" others "Dynamic Suspension". Do all Q7's come with air suspension or was it an option? If it was an option, how can I confirm it has air suspension?

The reason for asking is that one of the cars comes with 22" wheels, and I'm worried that the ride will be terrible without the air suspension on that size of wheel/tyre.

Test drive before you buy. but should have menu in mmi to raise and lower. Cant remember if its part of the drive select , offroad , automatic, dynamic etc as its been a few years since owning one.
Ny older q7 also had switch in back to lower the back end for loading
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I thought all the newer ones had air suspension? I had a 2020 loaner (Hertz rental) 55TFSI Q7, gave it back last week and that had air suspension, it was a base car aside from a pano roof - was decent to drive too.
My RSQ8 has air suspension and has 23”s. It’s a fantastic ride. Can’t even feel the big wheels. In comfort drive mode it’s a better ride than my wife’s XC90 Inscription with air suspension.