Q3 2020 Q3 - MMI change language automatically and stuck


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Aug 30, 2021
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I bought a Q3 2020 last year. After the first month when I started my car a notice appeared on the screen of a battery problem with the instruction to visit an AUDI service. I immediately contacted my dealer in Thessaloniki. As I was trying to check if everything was working properly, I noticed that when I pushed the voice command button the language of the touch screen of MMI turned into German language and got stuck.
The problem appears only when the system language is in Greek language (language that MMI does not support voice control). When it worked properly the message that appeared is that this function is not supported in this language. Now, when I press the voice control button in the steering wheel, the language of the MMI system turns to German and it remains stuck. I cannot press any button and I must turn off the car, wait for some minutes and turn it on again to fix it temporarily. Please check the attached video to understand the problem better.
Has anybody faced similar problem?


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MMI language for the 2010 Audi A1 version. Function selection button, choose Control button in the MENU MMI > Language setup. The language of the navigation guidance and read about nursing assignment spoken dialogue systems, as well as the language of the words displayed on the MMI display and the driver information system, may all be changed.