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Jan 13, 2019
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looking to by a used petrol S7

What should I be looking out for? common problems etc?.

what are the best optional extras to have?

do any of them come with carplay? and how can I tell?
I have a 2016 S7, owned from new and now at around 64k miles. (Tuned APR Stage 1 540BHP since early 2019)

The 4.0T engine is pretty bullet proof, but it does have its niggles which can catch you out if you not aware.

A documented service history is an absolute must, regular oil changes will keep the dreaded turbo oil screen issues away. Similarly there is a big (and expensive) gearbox oil change due every 40k miles, and its essential that this is done and within the specified mileage.

I do an oil change every 5000 miles, and do an oil flush every other oil change. Not had any issues. My go to forum for info is this one here. That is mainly a US focused forum, though there are a few of us from this side of the pond also active in it. There are a lot of very experienced Audi owners, including Audi certified mechanics, in the forum so someone can usually help out on pretty much any topic.

The biggest issue relates to the turbo oil screens becoming clogged, resulting in both turbos destroying themselves due to oil starvation and sometimes the engine in the process. HOWEVER, I only know of 2 instances of this happening in the UK, and even in the US, the % numbers are low when you consider how many 4.0T engines, are across all model ranges, so don't let some of the US horror stories put you off. The US guys (mainly) modify the cr@p out of their 4.0T's, all chasing the sub 10 second quarter mile, and some of them have put shed loads of $$$ into their modifications. Engine failures when you start pushing 700BHP+ is not surprising to be fair!

Regarding what options to look for. I would just say as many as possible....
The Parking Advance pack is pretty essential imho. This is a big car, with very restricted views out the back window. The more parking assist aids you can have, the better.
If you do long journeys on a regular basis, ACC is a good option to have.
Sunroof is another good one.
Bose enabled MMI is the usual option, B&O if you can find it - it was a £6k option and rarer than hens teeth tbh!
Regarding Carplay/Android Auto. It was never available on the C7 models (wavy DRL's) and only came as standard to the facelift S7's from mid 2017 onwards until the model ceased production and was over taken by the new C8 platform. In the MMI menu its called SmartPhone, so if that's on the menu, then you have the capability. Cars from late 2015 thru 2017 without SmartPhone can have it added via software if required. as long as the car comes with the later MIB2 MMI kit (2 x USB ports under the centre armrest)
Anything with MIB1 (using the Audi proprietary AMI port - instead of USB's) can't be converted to Carplay/AA, so if you want that function, you have to add additional hardware to the car.

Colour is one of the important choices - I'm biased, and Sepang Blue is just stunning on a car this size :thumbs up:

Insurance can be expensive based on your NCD and all the usual stuff, so definitely worth checking that out in advance.

It was an expensive car new, and although depreciated in price, its still an expensive car to maintain if your using an Audi dealer. I have a good indy that I use these days if anything needs doing. Oil changes are done by my local garage.

I don't normally keep a car beyond 3 years, but with the new S7 (C8) being a diesel, and the RS7 silly money, I'm holding onto it for now. Its just a fun car to drive for its size, and can give the boy racers a scare at the traffic lights :racer: :whistle2:

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what is an oil screen? is it a filter of sorts? looking at a used S7 and the owner says both turbos were replaced under Audi warranty last year ...I wonder if it was this issue that caused it..
what is an oil screen? is it a filter of sorts? looking at a used S7 and the owner says both turbos were replaced under Audi warranty last year ...I wonder if it was this issue that caused it..
Very likely was, which is good news because replacing the oil screens is part of the turbo replacement TSB.

There are a couple of oil lines that feed oil under pressure to the turbo bearings. These oil lines have metal mesh filter screens inline with the oil lines, but the filter screens are a non maintenance item and buried deep in the V of the V8 head (about 10 hours of labour to replace!). If the one your looking at has documented turbo replacements, then the screens would also have been replaced, which is good news. Just make sure you have some paper to back up the claim that they have been replaced :thumbs up:
If you ever need any help with insurance then please feel free to drop me a line.