Drift mode/clever dif.


Kyalami RS3 Saloon
Dec 16, 2016
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Scotland, UK
Is this standard on the car or does something have to be specced in order to equip it?
Same diff and action as a Mk8 Golf R which I test drove twice, the issue with the Golf is in any mode they have reduced the 'nanny aids' like ESP right down to a level where they start interfeering a lot earlier than on my Mk7.5 R, on my Golf I rarely alter the ESP, but on the new one it is almost a given to do it just about every outing

Trying to explain it better...............Assume the nanny aids start to interfere at 90% of the available cornering performance in the Mk7.5 R, in the MK8R they start around 70%, I would think the new RS3 will be similar

The reason for the 2nd test drive was I found trying to alter, or turn off ESP was quite tricky (select car, swipe it around, select 'tyres (of all things) and there it is ESP std/ESP sport/ESP OFF, Without doing this, even in Race mode any spirited driving has a little green ESP light flashing and holding the car back

I plumped for ESP Sport.................wow, that REALLY woke the car up, from mid corner onwards the car just grips and goes EXACTLY where you point it, no understeer in the slightest, very very impressive, The new RS3 should do exactly the same
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This is a standard feature of the new RS3 according to the configurator; what isn’t standard is the sports exhaust and adaptive suspension which kind of goes hand in hand.

The ways to get all three are get a Vorsprung model, get a carbon and add the suspension or buy a standard trim and opt for dynamic pack.
If anything like Golf the diff is std and works all the time but the drift mode is only available ( on Golf) with the performance pack, maybe on RS3 the drift is only available with the Vorsprung kit?
The diff is std but the 'RS Torque rear' option looks like it only comes with the Drive select package (on the std car) which also has to be part of the Dynamic package
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it's standard

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Ah! ok, my mistake, I assumed that they mention it within the Dynamic package that it must be extra :)