Fuel rail sensor location for dtuk


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Jul 18, 2021
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Hi new on here looking for help bought a DTUK tuning box for my A4 2.0tdi 2006 can't find the location for the fuel rail sensor only plug I can see that looks correct plugs into another loom under the intake manifold ? Will include pics cheers
IMG 20210718 154443813
IMG 20210718 152749950 HDR
Got a feeling I have the correct part to plug into but plugs on the car don't fit looks Asif they are the same size was supposed to be for all 140bhp tdi engines :(
IMG 20210718 172604000 HDR
I had a tuning box fitted to mine before I went for a remap. Mines a BRE engine.
The plug to uncouple is easy to find near the rear of the block, rh side.
Mines is a BRE aswell dunno if that is maybe the cam plug I was looking at don't see any other plugs ,all the TDI engines I see you can see the fuel rail but a take it mines are under the rocker cover ?
Found out the dtuk box is the wrong one :( it's meant for a 140bhp Audi but must be common rail feed which mines isn't so need to sell it on

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