B8 225 S-line or S4 options.


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Jul 2, 2011
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I'm looking at moving on my B6 190Q after ten years and 115k in my ownership. The B8 2.0 225 quattro S-line black seems to be the natural place to look for something that hits the same sweet spot in performance/practicality and cost. Quite surprised that on such a high spec model I can't seem to find any with electric seats on AT/PH/EB, which is a big want after having them in my current car. Are they rare, have they all been snagged by the guys on here! -

Of course, as I'm sure many have already considered, with the costs of a high spec A4 and searching. waiting for the right spec to come up, it might be better to bite the bullet and get the S4....


I owned a B5 Passat 4Motion from new, imported from Holland (Intercar) in May 2000, ran it until July 2013 when I bought a slightly used B8 S4, I never intended to buy an S4, but when looking around at a suitable A4 quattro the 3.2 V6 seemed the obvious car to go for, but they can't be driven past petrol stations and many other issues, S4 comes with better suspension, better brakes and of course a 3.0 V6 Supercharged, my car was reasonably basically spec'd at initial build, but I'd far rather having that in good condition than getting a car with super sports seats that was basically becoming or had become a financial liability.

Edit:- my 2011 B8 S4 is the equal of my old VX Cav GSI 4X4 that I bought slightly used in 1991.