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May 21, 2019
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Wondering which oil i should buy for 2.0 ltr tdi CFFB engine?

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2012 with dpf, non quattro and mapped to around 180

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I would buy the genuine oil for your car from Audi. My own experience of allowing a transmission expert to use a different oil resulted in near impossible gear changes in cold weather until the engine/gearbox had warmed up. Flushed out with genuine then perfect changes in all weathers. We replaced the gear oil in an old Fabia as it had done over 100k miles with genuine and once again, perfect, smooth gear changes.
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Whatever he used was too thick when cold , these aren't especially the Millers .

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0000818 trx synth 75w fully synthetic transmission oil
2012 with dpf, non quattro and mapped to around 180

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i changed with liqui moly top tec 1400 atf
top product no issues over 2 years now
2009 2.7 tdi a4

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Whatever he used was too thick when cold , these aren't especially the Millers .

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I've been digging around for some time in search of oil, and FUCHS TITAN SINTOFLUID FE SAE 75W comes up quite often on various places, some even say its the genuine oil, just rebranded. Ive got 2009 A3 TDI 140BHP QUATTRO which is 6speed manual, and dealer told me the geuine oil is G 052 527.
From what i understand, its fully synthethic version of G 052 171, which is mineral. For some reason, the price of 527 is 70eur/1l , and there is no way in hell im paying that much for oil. Now if SINTOFLUID FE SAE 75W is really as good as everyone says, and for the price of 6.5eur/1l , it really is a no brainer. What are your thoughts on it?

Oh yeah, the car has 185k km on the clock and i doubt the oil has ever been changed. Since i bought it, it had a crunch when shifting in 2nd. Not really expecting it to change drastically with a flush, but i guess it would be about time to change the oil.
changed mine a year and a half ago with fuchs 75w, it was fine.
paid around a tenner a litre. my gearbox is probably smaller than yours, so only needed 2 bottles, yours will most likely be just over 2 litres so youll need 3.

i had a *slight* issue when cold and when putting it into reverse generally. after the change, reverse is smooth and cold weather is fine now. the oil that came out at around the 75k mile mark was disgusting. dark and stunk. the smell lingered for days.

cant say for sure if fuchs is the oe brand of the original oil, but fuchs is a major supplier to vw group, they have the contract for quantum oil, taken over from castrol

and is one of the first fill (oil that gets put in at factory) suppliers
Russell Kenyon, Fuchs Automotive director, said: “Fuchs is very proud to have been appointed by TPS. As a specified first fill provider to the factory, we have a rich history with Volkswagen Group and our exemplary track record for innovation.

so i wouldnt be suprised if the genuine stuff is fuchs oil.
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@samisnake Yeah, seems like a no brainer now, especially considering the price of original oil. But im gonna have to check few other stores here for the fuchs oil, since the one i found currently is just too cheap from prices im seeing in UK and other countries. 5 pounds/1l seems so awfully cheap to me im kinda suspicious of what they are selling.
How much £ is also my Millers TRX Synth 75W recommendation ?

It's thinner than the Fuchs @ 40°C so could be potentially better than the Fuchs for cold gear change quality as this is usually a viscosity issue that dissappears when the car is up to temperature .
Nobody in country carriers Millers. Only FUCHS and even that is barely available. I'll check how viable is it for me to order from UK or somewhere and then forward it here. If it turns out to be a hassle, fuchs it is then.

EDIT: I can order directly from Opie Oils. 3L of Millers with shipping would be around 60£, and 3L of FUCHS bought here would be 16£. What do you guys think? Is Millers worth the extra buck here?
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