3.0 tdi b7 oil leak STUMPED

Jun 21, 2021
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Hi all,

I've joined up because I'm completely stumped by this oil leak.

So what's happening is I'm getting 3 different puddles of oil all at the front and in a line that seem to be running off the top of the sump I've had the bumper off and most of the front of the car except for radiators etc trying to find it but can't see anything. It doesn't help that I had the auxiliary belt fail and everything is now covered in rubber.

I only get puddles of oil after I've driven the car at full temperature ,parked then switched off the engine. If I quickly popped to the shop I don't get any drops at all

also if I start the car on the drive and let it get to full temperature before switching off I don't get any drops of oil.

If it helps the car has only done 65k.
I've had the front apart today and degreased as much as I could was really coated with rubber particles. I'm pretty sure it's not coming from the manifolds, heads seems to be lower down.

Anyone know of any problems these have with the crank seal? it's the only thing I can think of atm