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Jun 21, 2021
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Hi, brand new to these forums as well as a brand new Audi owner, I’ve owned various Skoda vRS models in the past and just got an SQ2. It has front and rear parking sensors but I don’t have any visual parking representation on the MMI. Is this normal? Is there any way of getting visual? Thanks.
You may need this activating with vcds.
If the parking sensors are not genuine oem ones that have the integrating control modules and wiring then this could be your issue.
Hopefully it just needs activation and they are not cheap aftermarket Ali baba ones.

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That's good to hear, sounds like you need them activating with vcds

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If you have front and rear sensors then you should have display for the factory. My guess is you have genuine OEM rear sensors from factory and aftermarket front sensors which don’t fully interface with your vehicle. No coding will solve this but get in touch with a local VAG specialist to see if they can assist. Am based in London myself.
The SQ2 was straight from dealer so all OEM.

I'd think that you need to chat to your supplying dealership about that.

Edit:- in reference to what was said in the previous posting to mine, cars with factory only fitted parking sensors just ended up by default having a buzzer warning, I upgraded my 2011 S4 to full OPS so that meant more than just adding in a second set of sensors and buzzer.

So was car bought new or used?
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