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Mar 9, 2017
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car insurance is due and while Having a play with some quotes I done one at mine and one at my parents who live not even half a mile away and it’s 200 pounds cheaper there !!

is there anything I can use to check postcodes insurance risks etc ?
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Is it parked on a drive or the street? Mine dropped over £200 parking on the road now away from my home

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most car insurers use dynamic pricing with multiple factors being used provide you with a quote. Some of these are more obvious than others, points on licence!, type of cover, car excess etc. Others are not. These include how far in advance you are looking to insure the car basically the closer the quote is to policy start date the more expensive it becomes (bit like buying airplane tickets)

some companies offer introductory discounts to new customers (recently made illegal I think from next year). sometime companies will price to attract certain types of business but place limits on the amount they are willing to underwrite at a certain cost. Once this has. Even reached the price goes up even if your circumstances remain the same.

the one thing you don’t want to do is to knowingly provide incorrect or false information as this can invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim.

ive currently in the process of reinsuring my own car and have been shopping around for a couple of weeks - keying in all the details can be a pita but I got lucky using when using The cheapest quote was literally almost half the price than the next company. Cover was identical ( I checked very carefully) but the price was only valid for that day. So I bought it on the basis I could always cancel during the cooling off period.

i also reran the quote the following day and it had more than doubled. at the same time the pricesk of other providers continued to change significantly too.

recommendation would be to shop around, use several comparison sites as they can access differeenr deals at different times and also check with companies that aren’t on these sites too such as site sposores, direct line etc. also don’t leave it to the last minute, sure I read somewhere 3 weeks before is the optimal time before prices increase

hope that’s helps
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^ some nice advice there.

I always find that an insurance company's sister company is cheaper than the main, I sometimes use that as haggle. Price comparison sites are a good way to go but double check policies are like for like.