Audi MMI User Settings Update

Yes, I use CarPlay and it always connects automatically when i get into the car, regardless of whether im logged in as a guest user or my normal account.

I guess one difference is that you won’t have your navigation bookmarks saved and other things, but so far I did not notice any difference.

Better than the mmi rebooting
Fab thanks. I've not got my car yet (probably be waiting ages yet), but my Wife's got hers in July and experiences this MMI reboot/reinitialising problem all the time (always when driving in the same areas), so I'll tell her about the suggestion :)
It looks like it’s been fixed now no more shutting down on the mmi the cars connection has changed from LTE to 3G and looks like it has sorted the problem out
Driving round the M25 today my Mmi rebooted several times and I got the emergency sos warning
I pressed the sos button and did not cancel in time. The operator said she would cancel the call and switch 4g off
On my return trip the data said 3g all the time and I've had no reboots in the normal spots.
However the MMI is now slow when searching for locations and downloading info - which it will be if it's on 3G - is there a way to get it back onto LTE?
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If anyone is still struggling. After speaking with my dealer this worked.

Settings - Privacy - Activate Privacy.

Apparently it means certain things won’t work with the app. But it’s stopped the annoying discard or apply.