Rattle in boot - how to remove the inside part of the boot lid?


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Jul 5, 2020
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Hey folks,

There is something rolling around in my boot lid. I can hear it going round corners, and if I vigorously lift the boot lid up and down. Sounds very much like somethings come loose inside of there, so I went to remove the interior part of the lid. I've got so far, but in the back corners it really doesn't want to pop out. I've used the plastic tools to prize the first bit away - is there a different technique needed to finish the job? Want to check before I break something!

Any help appreciated, and if anyone's experienced a similar rattle before let me know how you fixed it. I might well be going down the wrong hole!

Just make sure the screws are removed, and have two Weetabix, then pull
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Ok! Screws definitely removed - they weren't there in the first place!
The wheetabix worked! This was rattling around in there. Any ideas as to where it's supposed to be?

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Hmmm, maybe something to do with fixing something to the boot lid? There is radio "things" under the top trim too