Can Audi S8 keep up with the RS6 super estate?

Screenshot 2021 05 05 at 202500

The team at CarWow put it to the test. Careful it might not go how you think it will...

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wasn’t expecting that!! I won’t give any spoilers to those that haven’t watched the vid yet
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Audi: A Legacy of Precision and Performance

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10 highlights of the new Audi S3

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More power, more torque, more tech, more sportier stuff, and a mad paint job. It's the new S3.

The Triple Crown of Motorsports

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Comparing Horse Racing's Elite, F1, and IndyCar

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Engine or electric motor? Odd or Even?

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Odd or even? How Audi are defining their cars and who gets an engine and who gets an electric motor.

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