Car Battery suggestions/advice (low usage)


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Apr 17, 2016
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Morning all, the battery had given up on my S3 (actually think it's the original a MOLL). I've been looking at replacing it with the varta E44 which a few people seem to recommend round here.

The question is that now my job seems to be WFH and going forward I may end up only driving my car once a week if that is better to go for an AGM battery?

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Stick to the varta 577400078, its a good battery.
+1 for the Varta here. I put one in my S3. As for the battery charge thoughts, I hear ya. Over the past year whilst not driving, I fitted a CTEK sensor on my battery to monitor the charge and voltage. Charge % isn’t matching any online charts I’ve seen vs battery voltage (CTEK reports lower than any chart I’ve seen for the %), however I digress…..the whole point being I can monitor via bluetooth my battery voltage and when it gets low (12.2v) I go for a drive. I do have a battery charger but am rather put off by having to use it in my house as I have no other options. Again, don’t sweat it though. If you are still driving every week for more than just a few miles, it’ll get some charge into it OR you’ll need to make sure you drive every week for a while. Remember than a cars 12v battery range is only 11.96v to 12.6v or so. My car would not start at 11.9v on the old battery. On my new battery I know it will start easily at 12.2v so that is my lowest it’ll ever go for me.
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