Options for seeing battery level?


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Mar 29, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA
Hi there! I have a 2008 Audi A3 TFSI and want an easy way of seeing my battery voltage level without manually using a voltmeter each time.

I've seen that the newer Audis with MMIs support showing this with a simple configuration (eg http://mr-fix.info/audi-mmi-battery-level-status-2g-3g/); however, I don't think the little LCD screen above my steering wheel is the same, is it?

I've seen add-on gauges like https://www.p3cars.com/8p-a3-s3 but that seems overkill to me.

I've also seen apps like Carista (https://www.audiworld.com/forums/au...app-android-can-customize-your-a3-8p-2869335/) but I'm not sure if I could see this there or in a normal OBD2 reader app.

Has anyone done this?
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These are cheap

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Go to Amazon and search for:

“Auto Battery Monitor BM2 Car Battery Tester”​

I fitted one of these when I changed my battery recently and can highly recommend it, if you want to keep an eye on your battery :racer:

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Great options! I think we've covered every possible one now!
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I’ve got a CTEK sensor on my S3. Although I cannot compare to ‘real’ readings as I have no meter to check it against.

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