S4 tdi adaptive suspension reviews?


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Jul 9, 2014
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Hi all,

Currently considering upgrading from my dms mapped a4 272 tdi to a new s4 tdi vorsprung.

Now my a4 has the adaptive sport suspension and the ride quality is excellent.

I have no complaints even with the 19 inch alloys.

I wanted to know if any s4 tdi owners have the adaptive sport suspension? Or if any s4 owners with the standard set up can tell me how their suspension fares?

If the standard setup isn't too bad then surely the vorsprung with the adaptive will be win win.

The reviews state it's a 'firmer' ride and I really don't want it to be uncomfortable.

I can't test drive as no dealers have any s4s with the adaptive setup.

Don't wanna order and find that it doesn't ride properly!

I'm either upgrading to the s7 tdi or this.

Heart says s7 tdi whilst mind says s4! Almost 300 pounds difference in monthlies!
I have a 2017 S4 with Adaptive (on 19's) and it rides superb, soaks up bumps and feels very planted. Personally I think its a must!
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I have a 2017 S4 with Adaptive (on 19's) and it rides superb, soaks up bumps and feels very planted. Personally I think its a must!
I don't know how the guys without the adaptive deal with it!

I test drove an s4 black edition with a normal sports suspension and found it way too firm for my liking.

I have the adaptive sports suspension on my tuned 272 n also has the 19s, glides and is feels almost as good as air at times.

There are no new s4s with the adaptive to test drive as they are only in vorsprung trim unfortunately..
I actually dont think enough goes into selling buyers the right options at the dealerships. In the US they bundle the Adaptive, sports diff and steering into a package.

E.G there were so many S4's without folding mirrors, now I cannot see a buyer not spending an extra £200. I would think they just assumed a premium German car valued at over £45k would include them!
I’ve got an S5 Tdi with the adaptive dampers running on 20 inch rims . Previously had petrol S4 with adaptive (19 inch),

cant tell the difference between the two , both are quite soft in comfort mode . Still get the bangs from potholes in town though .. but that’s physics .
I test drove an adaptive damped S4, was back in August 20 lots of the original S4 demonstrators were none UK spec, red calipers is the best way of spotting them or 360 cameras and hud on a silver trimmed car, most of those I looked at had adaptive suspension also might still be some knocking about the dealers.