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Apr 12, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I currently have a 17 plate A3 Saloon S-Line 150bhp diesel with Technology Pack (virtual cockpit), Adaptive Cruise Control & Park Assist in Daytona Grey. I've done just under 90k wonderful miles.

I've loved it but last autumn had a little girl and the A3 isn't quite practical enough...

So I've ordered an A4 Avant Sport 150bhp Petrol in Brilliant Black, which is currently on it's boat to the UK!

I'm super excited to enjoy some features that are standard on the A4 that I don't currently have (reversing camera, heated seats, auto gearbox, electric seats movement, leather interior...).

One feature which is standard that I don't currently have is Privacy Glass.

I love the look, but is it any good as reducing sun brightness for passengers?

I'm debating where I should get a window shade for my daughter so she doesn't get blinded in her car seat, or will the privacy glass suffice?

Thoughts and feedback appreciated!
I’m sure privacy glass would reduce glare a ‘bit’ but not much really and you would still feel the need for sunnies. Privacy glass is more about stopping people looking in. From the inside it’s hardly noticeable.

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On mine it's certainly dark enough to not need sunnies , and I think you will find it reduces glare sufficiently for your little one to be comfortable without the need for a blind.

You need to see for yourself once you get it by sitting in the back on a bright day.

Some pics of mine below which give you an idea as brochure pics are deceptive

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Factory privacy glass is far superior to aftermarket. In my A4 and A5s they are very dark to see in but almost daylight to see out of and let a lot of sunlight in
Factory privacy glass is far superior to aftermarket. In my A4 and A5s they are very dark to see in but almost daylight to see out of and let a lot of sunlight in
That's a bold statement , as it very much depends on who does what for you and the level of tint.

My last volvo I had done as it was not a factory offering and was every bit as good as my current factory tint.

In fact was harder to see in.

Plus a tint is a tint they allow the same amount of light in either direction , how you perceived it is down to the light the other side

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Each have their pros and cons, an aftermarket tint is a film that's applied whereas with the factory version it is within the glass, thus it can't be scratched or peeled. However a aftermarket one can be made lighter or darker according to taste and legality..
Factory is better because it’s acoustic laminated glass when spec’d with the A4.

The tint is a very good balance of reducing glare and still being able to see behind at night.
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I had tints done on my A4 last year - would do it again in heartbeat. Makes the car look a lot more premium IMO and you get the benefits of security/privacy/blocking UV rays on the little bambinos in the back

I also de-chromed the window trim as I had corrosion issues which was VERY unsightly, but that’s another story...


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I did the tint job last summer. I am with acoustic/heat resistant windows and you can't feel the heat on the skin but you can very much see it with your eyes. I am with 35% tint and kids still complain from the sun light from time to time. My previous car had the shades and they were more effective against the light but not that effective against the heat. If I was you I would order heat resistant windows + shades.


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On my 66 plate, I purchased shades for the rear windows but left the rear screen free.
They where fit for purpose, worked ok gave privacy and kept the sun out.
The ones i bought where a good fit, very secure, easily fitted and removed
As the car has now gone they are bagged up somewhere in the garage