New drivers door lock mechanism fitted - won't unlock with key

Paul Atherton

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Dec 28, 2018
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Don't see any posts matching these exact symptoms so here goes - I fitted a new drivers door lock mechanism to my 2007 allroad - but now when using the key (the actual key slotted in the key hole, and not the wireless keyfob function), no matter which way I turn the key (CW or CCW) the doors only lock (being RHD car from UK, it used to unlock with CW quarter turn and lock the other way) - I basically can't get the doors to unlock at all using the key - so will be screwed if the battery dies and I have no wireless keyfob access.
Swapping out the lock was quite some job, that I would rather not have to repeat - took me about 3 hours after which the exterior door handle stopped working - this meant pulling the panel off again and this time clipping in the handle actuating rod properly to the retaining clip this time, then the panel back on. The lock mech works fine in every respect now except for the physical key/lock operation mentioned above. Is it possible I could have somehow misaligned the blade that comes from the key barrel and locates in the slot in the corner of the mechanism body? Or is it more likely I just have a bad mechanism? It was rather cheap off fleebay. What do they say about buying cheep?

Thanks in advance, Paul
Was it the right lock, what was the old part number & link to eBay listing.
Was it the right lock, what was the old part number & link to eBay listing.
The old lock (original) has the part number JA6 - 4F2837016B
This is the ebay listing:
I think you may have hit the nail on the head - the ebay listing has oem part number: 4F2 837 016 E - note the E suffix - this suggests the E suffix is used for 2009> where mine is 2007 with the B suffix. The ebay listing on the other hand says its suitable for 2007 allroad. In your opinion - could this be a good reason for the lock not functioning?

edit: I emailed the seller about the part number discrepancy. Good call.
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Have to say I don't like buying third party modules like this but seeing as the seller has sold 177 of these and none of the negative feedback I can see has been about these looks then it should work OK. Part number 4F2837016B also is the basic lock and fit's all C6 models from 2005 to 2011. Audi part number 4F2 837 016 E is for 2007 and later for Allroad models, that lock is also for cars with other options like keyless which may cause issues if you don't have keyless.

Also I would see if you can find someone local with VCDS or another diagnostic program and see if there are any error codes.
The plastic flexible blade is a pain to line up on some cars that use this system, of its not slotted properly, then yes the key turn wont work properly or at all given its microswitch controlled to lock, unlock.