Sold S3 8P for sale - £5,295 - BARGAIN!

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Apr 29, 2015
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Audi S3 8P | 2008 | Stage 1 | Sachs | AP's | Powerflow | RAMAIR | 139k Miles

Price: £5,295 - No PX’s or SWAPS – Please read all information. Lots more photos at the end.


• Ibis White
• 139k Miles
• Full Service History
• Just had full service – 22/03/21
• 6 Months MOT Remaining
• 18" Audi Rotor Alloys
• Bose Audio
• Full Leather Interior
• Heated Front Seats
• Cruise Control
• Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
• Fully Stamped Service Book
• Smoke Free
• 4 Previous Owners
• Previous CAT N (2017)
• Full HPI Report Available.
• Stage 1 Remap - 315BHP / 330lbft torque.
• AP Coilovers – Brand New!
• Powerflow Full Exhaust System
• Sachs Performance Clutch
• LUK Flywheel
• RamAir Oversized Intake
• Audi TTS MK2 Engine Cover
• Powerflow DogBone Yellow

Possibly one of the cheapest, best looking S3 8P’s available! It’s an absolute steal. Any recent MOT advisories have already been resolved.

Just had a full service at the top-rated Audi Specialists in the area. The next service is not due for 19,000 miles or 728 days.

New NGK spark plugs, fuel filter, oil change and full vehicle inspection. The S3 has just hit 139,000 miles but drives great. Starts first time absolutely every time. Rock solid idle. Its never let me down in 3 years of ownership.

Fully Stamped Service Book. Includes original booklet and manuals. Majority of servicing done at Audi Dealers and Audi Specialists. (see below for service history)
Latest MOT advisories were minor rust on front springs so this month a full AP Coilover suspension kit was purchased, fronts have been installed this month, including brand new top mounts and both front CV joints replaced. New rear coilover shocks not yet fitted but provided with sale (read further notes). AP Coilovers are one of the best regarded kits for the S3 8P across Audi forums. The coilover kit cost around £650. The car sits and handles fantastic, and the ride is very much improved over stock. You could run it like this no problem. Or get the rear shocks installed which are included in the sale.

The Powerflow exhaust is quite loud but not ridiculous. The oversized RamAir intake is about 18 months old and sounds awesome.

The car pulls strong through the gears. Running a custom Stage 1 remap around 315BHP, pulls nice, shifts gears fine, it’s very quick, and makes a nice throaty roar through the entire rev range. It sounds incredible.

You can also easily cruise on the motorway too. Cruise Control makes long trips very comfortable. Two recent new rear tyres, the fronts still have plenty of tread.
My entire ownership I have only filled it with premium Shell or BP fuel.

Bodywork is all pretty much perfect. There are no dents/creases or rust to be found. Paintwork overall is pretty much excellent. A few tiny stone chips on front bumper/bonnet as expected with a 12yr old car, but it still looks amazing!

The Ibis White paintwork comes out very well with lots of glossy shine. A full detail, clay bar and machine polish would make it really pop, something I would normally do but I just don’t have the time. The 18” Audi Rotors have a few scuffs but overall are very presentable. They would benefit from a referb to be perfect.

The standard S3 intake will be included in the sale. I have a brand new “Press Clutch to Start Bypass’ harness just needs fitting. Only Receipts/invoices from my ownership.
Genuine reason for sale. I have now got myself a company car, and the S3 sale will go towards our first house deposit.

Service History

• 9,333 | 5/6/09 | Leeds Audi
• 16,543 | 1/7/10 | Leeds Audi
• 23,931 | 15/7/11 | Audi Specialist
• 35,183 | 22/12/11 | Independent
• 46,967 | 28/5/12 | Independent
• 56,289 | 9/11/12 | Independent
• 66,925 | 3/5/13 | Reading Audi
• 77,666 | 02/10/13 | Reading Audi
• 92,777 | 00/00/14 | Audi Specialist
• 96,320 | 00/00/15 | Reading Audi
• 109,106 | 09/05/16 | Reading Audi
• 123,015 | 11/5/17 | Independent
• 125,404 | 21/10/17 | Independent
• 132,207 | 13/4/2019 | Audi Specialist
• 139,251 22/3/21 | Audi Specialist
• Toothed Belt and Water pump | 77,000
• Haldex Oil and Filter Service | 123,000
• Cam Follower Replaced | 2017
• PCV Valve (latest R Revision) | 2019
• Diverter Valve (latest Revision) | 2019

Bad Points

• The rear AP Coilover shock absorbers not yet fitted. There is a stubborn bolt possibly seized, the garage did not want to risk snapping it as I needed the car back the next day for work. (this was only last week) The hub may just need removing for installation, or the bolt may come out with some force. The new rear AP springs have been installed and sitting perfect.
• Drivers’ door does not always unlock with fob. 4/5 times its works fine. Drivers mechanism is only £20-30 online. Door card off. 1 hr job max.
• Slight release bearing rattle that disappears when depressing clutch. Fairly common on the S3. The Sachs clutch and flywheel were replaced at the same time and fairly-new. Both have less than 25k on them.
• There is sometimes a very quiet rattle coming from somewhere behind the dash, but its never bothered me enough to locate it. Front centre arm rest also shakes in upright position.
• Air-con needs re-gas. Heaters do work fine blowing hot and cool.
• Only one key fob. Its only had a single key through my entire ownership.
• Previous CAT N - 2017 - Non-Structural

If you are genuinely interested, I can provide more photos of anything you request, or give a video walkaround if that’s your thing. It’s a fantastic car, and if I didn’t need a bigger work vehicle and the space on the drive, I would probably keep it for another few years as its great fun and looks absolutely mint.

It’s very clean and well looked after. Ideally wants an owner/enthusiast to take it through the next few years. No PX’s or SWAPS. Ideally looking for a quick sale as we need the space on the drive. New car arrives next week. Listing here before throwing it on FB marketplace/gumtree etc. I would ideally prefer it to go to a forum member.

It is already aggressively priced to sell with the above points considered within the asking price.

Price: £5,295 - No PX’s or SWAPS

Any questions just text message or call. I work for myself so I can be busy. If I don’t answer your call if you can leave me a message, I will get back to you.

Located in Wirral – CH43

Tom - 07825551530

S38p 2
S38p 3
S38p 4
S38p 5
S38p 7
S38p 8
S38p 9
S38p 10
S38p 11
S38p 12
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S38p 18
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Will take £4,500. That's a lot of Audi S3 spec for little money.
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