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Mar 8, 2021
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Hi there,
I know that similar topic was there not long ago ...but , I have bought second hand genuine tow bar for my car it’s all good including wires ,parts numbers etc.The only problem that I have that I doesn’t come with original mounting screws .Spoke to TPS & Audi already and I think we have a problem as they only come as an set..They are not some kind of difficult ones to get as they are typical M10 & M12 in size .But the safety first .The question is you would you use the the ones that are not from genuine set?I noticed that different companies supply different brands as well so that me thinking loud I think that should be a problem. But it’s alway better to ask professional people first.Thank you in advance.


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Fit high tensile bolts. Chances are the genuine Audi towbar is made by Westfalia or similar. Interesting thread here regards do not grease the bolts as you need to torque to final setting.

First thing to do is get hold of the PDF fitting instructions. That will determine bolt size and depth, and importantly the final torque settings. More details here.

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