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Nov 30, 2006
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Anyone paying for this mine runs out in two days or can you still get it extended free of charge
I extended mine for free very easy but I did call a month before renewing as took about 10 days to update
Hi just went in my Audi app says update £14.50 have a look maybe worth going through app?
What exactly is Audi connect? What do you get for your £180?

You basically get an online connection to the outside world (although not a Google maps overview ;-) ) but you will get online traffic info, online place searches. Weather and News if you wanted.
There's nothing in there you couldn't just do with your phone really, especially if you just connect it up with Android Auto. I do think the service works well and is well integrated, but I've had it free for 3 years now. Would I pay 180 per year for a service I can just get from my phone in my pocket for free? highly unlikely!
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Thanks. I did wonder. I think I’ll have a go at setting up Apple car play on it.
Yeah, I find place search is very handy for setting the Sat Nav with your voice, because is searches Google, using Google's voice dictation engine, you can just say the place name eg "Online search John Lewis in Leeds" , and it just works straight away, it finds the place almost instantly, even giving the phone number to just make a call to them if you want, or you can then start navigation with one confirmation click. Trying to use normal MMI onboard voice search by dictating the postcode or address etc is a bit of a nightmare and very hit and miss.

For 180 a year though...I think I'd be happy enough just pulling over and searching, than typing the address from my phone!
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I renewed recently and while all the Google/online stuff mostly works, I note that Train and Plane Times, and Twitter if I recall don’t work now, and state Licence Expired, even though the rest of the licence renewed successfully on all other categories.

No mention from Audi that not all of the previous services would be restored.

Anyone else have the same?
Well, I set up Apple car play and that seems good enough for me. It has Google maps and Waze on there. Also has podcasts on there too.
Now that Google Earth has stopped functioning is there any real point to renew .. surely nobody is paying to get weather updates and foreign news headlines on there dash :\
You also get the online traffic....I will genuinely miss this when my licence expires. Will I pay 180 a year for it when I have my phone with me though? Hmm not sure

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Provided your car has received the software update then the replacement service for google earth requires an active licence.

For some reason the functionality that allowed one to check train, flight times, etc is not part of the 'renewal' package. I tried this once almost two years ago (Lands End Airport!) and it wasn't very accurate.

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