Concert radio died and now car showing low battery


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Oct 18, 2017
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Hi all,

Last night whilst driving home my radio display powered off and the concert radio LED's were flickering before eventually turning off completely. My steering wheel control also no longer work.

Here is a video showing this

Fault scanned last night and only the fault code 01304 for the radio showed up. When I got in my car this morning the dash lit up saying low battery and then on fault scanning again I got codes for Energy Management and Quisecent Current.

Nothing has changed, no lights were left off or any devices left powered on overnight.

So firstly, any ideas what may of caused my radio to just die like that? Secondly, if the radio is causing parasitic battery drainage, would finding and pulling the fuse out stop it doing it? Thirdly, if I do pull the fuse, any ideas which one it is?

Cheers fellas.


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Okay so I located the correct fuse for the Radio/MMI and swapped it with a known working fuse and still no life to the radio or display - The fuse for the radio/mmi worked for my dash light fuse slot when tested so that rules out the fuse.

Is there another fuse on the backside of the radio itself?
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From memory yes, there is a fuse in the rear of the Concert radio, but if you have the radio pulled forward, you might as well just remove it, at least until you have got to the bottom of your battery draining issue - or is your battery dying?
Ah okay great stuff. Job for later as my trim removal tool and bolt set is at home!
Well that's the thing I don't 100% know - I've never had any battery issues but it seems coincidental to hit me this morning the next day after my radio dies completely. I don't know when the battery was last replaced prior to me buying the car 2 years ago.

If the fuse is blown on the back of the radio would that kill the info display at top?
How old is the battery? I guess if it's got poor power output and its so cold out then that could be the reason the car has turned things off under energy management. Any way you can charge it and see if it comes on?

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Can you get better diagnostics? There will be a reason behind that radio code.
I get the other 2 codes when my dashcam is in parking mode - so indeed there is a "parasitic" current detected.
My guess is a radio problem and with that flashing and the codes probably not just a fuse.
But I also agree it could be battery - our cars' electronics are known to flag faults under low battery conditions.
Hi guys it must be the battery - I was mid way through taking the radio out and suddenly it sprang back into life. Then when i tried starting the car it wouldn't turn over. Got a neighbour to jump start me and all is okay again.

As you guys said the battery is probably almost dead and sped up by the super cold temperatures. Welp, there goes a nice hole in my wallet for an AGM battery!

Cheers guys, mystery solved.
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Well here I am again a few weeks later with a dead car! Battery metre is full however the car just died at random and refused to turn over. Currently at the garage. Fingers crossed they can find what the issue is and that it won't cost both kidneys!

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