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Mar 27, 2017
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Hi all,

So couple weeks back my blower motor stopped working... (Great in this icy weather..). I took the glove box apart, took the motor out and plugged back in.. it worked... then stopped upon next start up. I left the glove box off whilst I ordered a complete new part, gave it a kick to get it working in the mean time, which didnt always work.

New part came, worked immediately and has done perfectly for the last 10 days. This morning heaters on full blast to de-ice, 10 mins into my journey completely gone.

Has this new unit failed again or anyone aware of any other issues this could relate too?

Car: Audi A3 2.0TDI BMN 8PA

I turned mine through the gap and years later it still works, sounds like it might be faulty
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Cheers, I dont see what else could go wrong, so must be a new faulty unit I guess.

I'm within 30 days so I think i might just send this one back and try another new one. ****** annoying in this weather, good luck to me getting home later!
If you can get the glovebox out, give it a spin through the flap, might get you home
No remove the glovebox, there is a flap put your fingers through, make sure the keys are out of the ignition first, then spin it
well if you do send it back, id suggest getting a lightly used part.
part number 1k2820015h (assuming you have climate control) is used on a load of different models, eg. <2020 caddy, <2018 scirocco, <2018 yeti, current alhambra etc.
friends tt mk2 (also using the same fan) needed replacing. he bought a used blower from a scrapyard off a 2016 scirocco for £35 and its been fine since. his original had the same issue as your original. the part is made by valeo, £444 from dealership, £180 for a new valeo aftermarket, £35 scrapyard. id take that over a £90 ebay one.
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That code on ebay brings up my 90 quid one first haha!
I may just get a used valeo as suggested for the price, and I'm still in 30 days on this aftermarket one.
I showhow think I have another issue with he connector or something though.
aftermarket parts cross refernce with the genuine part numbers as they are compatible. ebay can show you aftermarket cross referenced parts when you search with the genuine number.
your one the ebay listing with the green box? if so, its a cheap chinese one. could try swapping the resistor pack over from your old genuine one to the new one, see if that helps.

thats what i had in mind. 2016 genuine part from a scirocco, 2018 part from an alhambra.
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Thanks for this appreciate it!

I'll buy one of them links tonight and just return this chinese one, atleast then if I have issues I'll know it isn't the blower motor and I've saved some money, or you've saved me money... Cheers!

I'll update this thread once I've ran it for a while, if anyone has problems to not to buy Chinese ebay
Bit of an update...

Started the process on the return so I do need to fetch the chinese blower motor out.

This morning started the ignition... Nothing... but playing will the climate controls, different vents etc I could hear the motor making a noise like it was trying to do something. I turned the climate control on and off a few times and it actually started up (thankfully in this weather). Im buying the used 2018 one and putting that in to see how it goes.
out of interest, what reg is your car? the tt i mentioned earlier is an 07 plate with 101k so the original lasted 13/14 years, so if thats anything to go by his replacement should last another 9 years.

another thing i found interesting (to me at least, its probably a bit sad tbf) was that the original we took out was covered in this black dust which was powedery. on googling it, it was supposedly carbon from the motor brushes, whereas the replacement looked new. had tried to oil the bearing, which lasted a day until the same issue cropped up, and he ended up picking up the new one. he had done the same thing of banging the glovebox area etc which would sometimes work, sometimes not. so hopefully the new one resolves it for you also.
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