Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

Took it to its first road trip.

Coming from an old TT, the A3 feels very comfortable and quiet, yet small, fun and nimble (even though its a 1.5).

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Mine arrived at the dealership (after 11 long months) a few days ago. Can't wait to pick it up...


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Super happy with the Vorsprung, couple of pics from this weekend, red + black trim is nice :)
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Front and rear badge swap
20230319 132949
20230319 132913
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I really like the red, but also...
S3 1
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My A3 from a cold and snowy Sweden :thumbs up:


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Here's my new S3, picked up yesterday. The weather is crap, so they're not the best, and that is Tyne fog you can see on the outside ones.

IMG 0027

IMG 0026

IMG 0024

IMG 0023

IMG 0022

IMG 0025
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Bet the miles flew by!
The miles on the train down to collect it didn't. Train from Newcastle to Doncaster, then Doncaster to Grimsby was the plan. Got to Newcastle and all trains cancelled - someone died on the tracks near Darlington. Plan B - metro from Newcastle to Sunderland, train from Sunderland to Thornaby, train from Thornaby to York, train from York to Doncaster (with standing room only), then Doncaster to Grimsby. Rather than getting the M62/A1 back, I went the scenic route over the Humber bridge around Beverly, York and up the A19 through the Tyne tunnel.
Just curious, does this come with the adaptive suspension or is it the regular S=suspension? Maybe it's me, but it does seem to sit a tad higher.
It will have the standard suspension i'am pretty sure its the Vorsprung that gets the adaptive suspension
Just curious, does this come with the adaptive suspension or is it the regular S=suspension? Maybe it's me, but it does seem to sit a tad higher.
Standard suspension. If you think it sits higher than expected, I'll have to feel around the front shocks to see if any transport pucks were left on - that happened with my 2015 Golf R - ride was brutal with them left on.
Standard suspension. If you think it sits higher than expected, I'll have to feel around the front shocks to see if any transport pucks were left on - that happened with my 2015 Golf R - ride was brutal with them left on.

If it's standard, it's probably just right. I'm still getting used to seeing the different setups.
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IMG 3522

Here's mine. Pretty basic, but even so I think it looks great! :sunglasses: Great design from Audi.
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I had the same wheels at my previous car (they are standard to the Advanced trim), I think the styling suited even better to Ibis white. My winter setup has the 5-spoke 17" Audi alloys, and their more masculine look suits the black a bit better. With white it was the opposite. I'd like to post the pic of the winter setup too, but unfortunately the weather was so bad all winter that I never got a picture of the car when it was clean enough.
Picked this up yesterday, ordered Jan 2023 so wait was not as long as I anticipated
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Hi all!

First post! From finding it to not wanting to let go it was about 10 minutes...
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Picked up Tuesday following an Aug 22 order.


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IMG 5940

Quick photo of my Edition 1 I collected at the end of Apr.
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Judging by the other thread, quite a few people have been getting their cars recently, but not too many are keen to post pics. Come on, sharing is caring ;)
Collected 1/7/23 after 3 months wait, new Black edition with Tech pack pro.


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Picked up on the 19th and loving it so far. Coming from a B8 and a B9 SQ5 back to back leases, so it’s nice to be in a car again after 8 years. Tuned with Unitronic Stage 1+ and awaiting the TCU tune once they crack the ECU. Rotiform OZR wheels and also awaiting my H&R springs to arrive. Having a **** ton of spacer issues; check out my other post if you can help.
IMG 3175


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Traded my 8V S3 for a Daytona Gray 8Y S3 Premium Plus on July 1st and finally got the 600 mile break-in recommendation.
Packages: Black Optics, Fine Nappa leather, and S sport. Options: Sport exhaust resonator, Black Audi rings and badges, and Audi beam "S" logo.



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IMG 5507


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With its bigger brother after a machine polish

IMG 7382
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Daytona grey S3 with 034 wheels. I love those wheels so much! Dropped with H&R springs.


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I’ve had this ‘Vorsprung’ for nearly a week now, very impressed! However l’ve got another one on order and hopefully it will turn up in the correct colour!‍♂️


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My car has finally arrived and gone through the obligatory front PPF along with complete ceramic coating procedures! Here go some pics. All credits go to my great detailers and the photographers they work with.

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IMG 20231111 173558 edit
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Picked up my s3 saloon black edition last week. Loving it so far!
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