Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

I love it

Not the best picture I got carried away and forgot to take one before it got dark
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First time I've seen a 8V and 8Y side by side:

IMG 1210
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It's here


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Car was clean and looked good in the sunshine, so took some pictures :tonguewink:

IMG 1367

IMG 1369

IMG 1372
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Much Dad said its alot more sporty looking that it drives...which is true.... a very aggressive/sporty looking car


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New wheels. Loving them.


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Looks good man, for sure black wheels look nice but do not impact as much as a lighter color ones.
Summer wheels on. Pretty happy with the result. Need to install my maxton v4 lip and found a suttle black trunk lip

PXL 20220520 223346013 2
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My new S3 on collection day a week ago…



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Gorgeous colour. Love how Navarra Blue just changes depending on the lighting .. colour just pops in the sun, so bright and metallic, on cloudier darker skies, looks more darker and navy blue. Can't wait to get mine. Got the wax and polish on standby!!!
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So 370 days after ordering, and 8 months late, my 1.5 tfsi S-Line with a few extras got delivered yesterday evening.!


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Mine's the blue one
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I ended up only dechroming the window trim and the front air vents, and left the grill surround as think it breaks the look up nicely.

Doing the surround as well would have been a little too dark in my opinon. The hexagon centre bits didn't need anything done to them as were plain black and shiny already.

View attachment 233335

The headlights I'm not finding too bad, though given covid and the fact nights are staying brighter for longer haven't had too much opportunity to use them.

When I have used them, they have illuminated my path well and haven't been too dark etc.

Reading up on the matrix lights, I do sort of wish I'd been able to get them, however at the time didn't think them necessary (The Audi UK website is terrible for explaining what things actually do)
How did you dechrome the window trim? does it need to be disassembled? And if so, is it difficult to take apart?
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Good bye Turbo Blue and hello Glacier White

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What was the reason for the change ?
Just had too many issues from the start, SOS, mmi, TPMS, 12v sockets not always working etc.. Not sure what happens with new issues once outside the warranty in around a years time. On a good point my wife was offered a really good px value that we couldn't turn down and a good deal on the new one.

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Just had too many issues from the start, SOS, mmi, TPMS, 12v sockets not always working etc.. Not sure what happens with new issues once outside the warranty in around a years time. On a good point my wife was offered a really good px value that we couldn't turn down and a good deal on the new one.

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Hopefully this one behaves itself fella.
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Mon A3 berline 35tfsi fully equiped


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I had been holding out to find a Turbo Blue with C&S and extended ambient lighting... decided to settle for a black one and I have to say I love it, not the best picture as have been on a road trip before bringing it home.

DSC 03882
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Hi, bit of an odd request but I was wondering if someone here could post a photo of their A3 with sports suspension and then one with the standard suspension. I've gone for the sports suspension myself but curious if you can tell the difference.
Delivered on Monday - it's rained ever since. I'll take some better photos at the weekend. This is straight off the delivery vehicle :)


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Went to buy a £1 light bulb for my 15 year old TT that loyally travelled the Middle-East with me, fell in love with an A3 (35TFSI). Decided to hop on one and finally received it yesterday.

Had a small photoshoot today before the paint gets covered in the usual Omani dust.

IMG 1037
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Picked up my S3 Vorsprung yesterday.
IMG 2047
IMG 2041
IMG 2044
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I also picked up my S3 this week. This car is to tide me over until I (hopefully) get the RS3 I have ordered. I also said that becuase it's a not a long term car I would leave it alone, but i've already started tinkering

IMG 3044
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Haven't been online for quite some time. Decided to sell my long loved A3 8V. Going to be a difficult one to let loose, it was my first fat specced S-Line with low milage so it has a special place :). Luckily it's not going far, my in-laws bought it off me.


My new 8Y is still in production in Ingolstadt, Germany and should be with me around March... can't wait :).





Collecting this Edition 1 up on Saturday., this will be my 3rd A3. Most excited by the 360 cameras. I'm sure the novelty will wear off quickly.
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