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Jun 29, 2009
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Surrey, UK
I did a search and couldn’t find anything so apologies if these questions have already been asked!

I’ve been away from Audi for a few years latest being a abarth 124 spider (which I loved!)
I’m looking for something a bit quicker this time and I’ve always loved the look of the TTRS and of course that engine!

I’ve got a few questions I’m hoping someone can help me out on... any advice, opinions or guidance appreciated!

I’m either looking at the first gen RS with lower mileage at around 20k mark or if I stretch finances a bit I’m tempted by second gen (mk3) on a 16/17 plate which seem to be 32-35ish k.

Is the extra money worth it? Is there a lot more performance / drivability different between the two (other than what’s written on paper)? I assume you could easily get the first gen up in power so is it worth it?

Second question... what changes did the mk3 go through and when? I see some listed as 362ps vs 400 and I wanted sure how you know you are getting the 400 and when they changed this? When did they bring the new filter in for the 400ps model, reading around it seems that muted the car a bit so probably one to avoid?

Any other guidance / opinions would be appreciated!

Hi mate.

Just bought a 2018 Mk3 TTRS so can describe some detail on that, but can't help with the differences in the drive etc.

My initial thoughts (not experience, just thoughts) on the differences though are the massive difference in technology available. The digital cockpit is a great bit of kit to look at and gives loads of info. Looks are subjective but I also think the mk3 looks so much better too.

All the Mk3s have 400PS - the earlier RS3 had 360ish but then changed to the same engine as the TTRS. They only put the OPF on when they face-lifted the model in 2019. I know options are personal preference but the sports exhaust is a must have, although the black paint flakes off on the tips it sounds so much better.

My only gripe with the mk3 is the lack of interior storage. There is one storage compartment that my phone fits into but I can't have it plugged in to charge at the same time. There's no cubby beside the steering column and the door pockets are useless. The storage at the back of the centre console helps but not a lot lol.

Road tax isn't cheap on the early ones, but the later ones hit the luxury car tax bracket. They'll be cheaper to tax... eventually. You should be able to get one on your budget but might have to go for a "less popular" colour, some of which are still good colours, just not as many people like them.

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