S4 side skirts removal


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May 18, 2018
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Ashby De La Zouch
As above really how are the sideskirts removed from a B9 S4 saloon? Are they just held on with double-sided tape or are they clipped on somewhere Aswell?
So there is double sided tape and erm - 4 clips if I remember correctly! They are push on pull off (directly outwards) but you will only be able to do one clip at a time (once you have cut through the double sided using fishing line - or similar) . Doesn’t matter if you start at front or back.
Don’t break the clips - they aren’t available available separately! Use a trim tool to pop off clips gently- if you flex the sill/fin it’ll stay bent and never go back on nicely. I used 3m vhb tape and a few spots of tiger seal to make sure the clips held after it was all reassembled. Good luck