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Darren McDonnell

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Oct 9, 2018
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Hi all I have just got a version of VCDS and did the first scan that has come up with a couple of codes.

are these anything to worry about yet, I am going to reset them today and see if and when they come back.
The car runs fine and there is no engine light on.

Also where is the best place to buy a PCV if this needs doing.


Address 01: Engine (J623-CREC) Labels: None
Part No SW: 8K2 907 551 A HW: 4H2 907 551 A
Component: 3.0l V6 TFSI H10 0006
Revision: --H10---
Coding: 0A2500340547010B2800
Shop #: WSC 06335 000 00000
ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM30TFS0218K2907551A 003002
ROD: EV_ECM30TFS0218K2907551_003.rod
VCID: 3169A0C36029530EB4-8064

2 Faults Found:
15200 - Intake Manifold Flap; Bank 1
P2006 00 [096] - Stuck Closed
Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

24194 - PCV Valve Malfunction
P052E 00 [096] - -
Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
They are likely to be historic if there's no CEL/MIL. If they are real problems both require the supercharger to be temporarily removed.
What's the mileage? The PCV valve on the S4 looks like a complete pain to fit.

Any loss of coolant or can you see coolant staining? You need to check it's indeed that, as I'm sure it's an expensive part. Main dealer will be probably be safest and comes with 2 year parts warranty.

More details here: https://www.audizine.com/forum/show...iteup-pics-and-tips?highlight=pcv+replacement

My understanding is that the P2006 error is probably a faulty solenoid on intake manifold or indeed split on a vacuum line.

If you've cleared it - take it for a run (I know we're in lock-down) if you're going to the supermarket, but car needs to get up to temperature. Scan the car again and see what comes up.
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Cheers Dippy. I know that the charger needs to come off, doesn't seem to bad a job.

Do you know the best place to buy the parts or is OEM best in the case.

Also do you know if anyone has De-flapped the manifolds at all, would there be a benefit to this.
Thanks for the info.

No loss of coolant or change in colour (only changed April 2020)

See what happens over the coming days. only reason i have seen it is because i have a new VCDS tool , I was using carista in the past and no faults where showing with that since i got the car Nov 2019. Had MRC stage 2, Feb 2020
My car was showing a PCV valve fault but thankfully re-connecting the N-80 valve seems to have sorted it (it was loose though Audi had the car 2/3 times and it's ****** obvious as you can see it as soon as you remove the engine cover off!!), OEM parts are £500 and I I think they quoted 5 hours labour, so well over £1k with Audi rates.
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What are the dates and frequency on those 2 faults?
What are the dates and frequency on those 2 faults?

No Dates on the report like others on the scan, I have cleared them yesterday and been out on the motorway for a short trip and they haven't come back so will just keep checking over the next month or 2.