what car did you have before?

My TDI 150 - Economical & torquey but not Petrol or 4wd


ibiza cupra r , only 75 in england , 50 left , it had a k04 with loads of other bits on it as well , and before that a leon cupra r ,
Golf 20vT
Civic Vti (EK)

Sure we've done this thread before? - How about next cars? I want an E30 M3
1990 MK11 Golf GTI 3 door 8v with 140bhp head, cam, magnex etc
A4 B6 1.8

Mrk 2 Fiesta 1.1
Mrk 3 Fiesta 1.1
Rover 214 16v 3dr
Rover 214 il 8v 5dr
Audi A3 1.8 Sport
I only had a 1.2 16v (like it makes a difference) clio before my S3. Had to drive it again last week when my clutch pedal broke, I'd forgotten how much fun it is totally thrashing the nuts off a car and how chuckable it is, still it can't cover ground anywhere near the speed my S3 can mind.
Astra 1.4 8v (k)
Corsa GSI 1.6 16v (m) this was fun to drive
Astra SRI 1.8 16v (03)
S3 1.8 20v (02)
1.1 fiesta
pug 106 ralle (1.3 version, totally a go cart)
pug 306 (had to get something cos the 106 fell apart :( )
then the audi A3 1.9 TDI Quattro
RENUALT 5 campus with GT turbo bodykit
Ford Escort 1.3 encore
Honda CRX Vtec mk2
Golf 1.4 mk4
Rover 218d
Honda civic VTI (amazing engine)
Astra 1.4
Golf MK3 1.6
Rover GTI
Audi A3 1.9TDI 175 BHP
Now-Audi S3 270BHP
I had an Integra Type R until someone pulled in front of me and wrote it off :(

very good car, couldn't fault it at all, keep thinking of changing back to one, I miss the nimbleness


well I took it to a very good Honda approved bodyshop, so the labour rate was quite high. Honda parts aren't cheap either. The cost of the repair was about £7000, so they decided to write it off instead.

It's better they did as I got my money back after a year of ownership. if it'd had been repaired I would have had trouble selling it. I bought it back anyway as a CAT D and sold it on.
i had a renault 19... :blush: and i had litterally run it into the ground.. I didn't really care about the car, and i got is cheap.. I had to take it to the big scrap heap in the sky, after one of the bearings went on the universal joint from the steering column. made a horrible crunching sound when turning the wheel, and trying to park in a spot, the front end bounced up and down...
i had a 1.1 peugoet 106 and then i had a china blue 106 GTI- spent a lot of money on it and was mint! like a go kart
1st car was a 206 1.4GLX company car raged it silly. In 3 years it had 2new gear boxes, loads of brake pads, 2 new sets of discs (front only), about 10 new tyres. A respray on the left side. Was totally fu*ked by the end.

Then had a punto 1.2 16v active sport. Loved the car for about a year. Great fuel eco and for a 1.2 it was nippy. Then the car began to sqweek and the exhaust broke. Never again

And now my A3 1.8 sport. Love the car. Wish it had AC and was a turbo but hay you can't have everything
1st Car - Peugeot 106 Quiksilver (Subtle mods, looked the nuts and got me a feature)
2nd Car - Toyota MR2 Roadster (Amazing drive and handling but too cramped for me)
3rd Car- Audi S3 (The reason im on here! I LOVE IT!!)

I had a Scooby Turbo Uk version (sadly not a P1) with a few little mods (Still miss it but it was getting a bit tired)

Before that a Scooby Legacy Turbo (looks like an old mans honda but went quite well)

N Before that A Pug 205 GTI 1.9 (built out of tin foil but lot of fun)

N before that lots of crap little cars under 1.6 engines
My last car was a R5GTT. Loved it, owned it for 10 years and spent silly money on it. Had the engine rebuilt once, top end twice! Modded virtually everything on it, had it resprayed in the original tungsten grey but never changed the looks apart from smoothing the bumpers and changing the wheels. (Always felt that standard looks subtley improved is the way to go)

There is a mk1 turbo2 going around near where I live now. Looks and sounds awesome :hubbahubba:
Mk1 Ford Fiesta Super Sport
Mk1 Ford Fiesta XR2
Mk2 Ford Fiesta XR2
Vauxhall Astra SRi
Vauxhall Nova GTE (First modded car - extensive engine mods, GSi body conversion and slammed on compomotive TH rally rims)
Mk3 Golf GTi 8v (still own - is mint except all the malicious scratches on it)
Audi S3 (owned for a few months now)
pug 106 1.1,what a beast.lol,wrote her off at 60 on ice on an a road oops,
audi a3 1.8 in racing green,missed it until i drove the s3
i had a 1.4 leon dead as a door nail.... and i bastardised it to the heavens what was i thinking...........could not drive it anywere and by the time i had it finished i hated it far far far too chavy for my liking so swapped to tha a3 tsport and never looked back:hubbahubba:

Saxo 1.5D
Saxo 1.1i
Rover Metro 1.4si
Saxo VTR
Audi A3 1.8TQS - and never looked back once-german craftmanship all the way!
looking back i'd love to get another VTi eg of course. its the best shape :p the only thing better than that b16a2 is a b18 from a teg type R, or a k20 :icon_thumright: