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Jan 15, 2009
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Hi all, not been on here for a while as owned 2 x Audi A4's, but looking to switch back to Audi as the lease on my current car is due to finish in March next year, so have been looking around at getting a A5.

Been mainly looking at Quattro and Automatic and looking to switch to Petrol, I only do short journeys as place of work is only 8 miles away, hence why the petrol but will also consider a diesel and not ruling out buying a manual if spec /condition is right.

My budget will only be about £12k to £13k and have noticed a few nice ones around that price, what sort of things should I look out for ?

Open to any suggestions, Coupe or Sportback

I have looked at S5's, but running costs putting me off but they do look great.

Sorry, I guess this has been asked loads of times, so appreciate any feedback

Hi there , from my own experience , a 2.0 TFSI is the best engine to go for.
No need for the V8 engines , as a remapped 2.0 has as much torque , great acceleration
and with an S Line , all what you need . Not forgetting the great fuel economy .
But then again , it's my opinion . I'm sure you'll get different views here , all valid i'm certain .
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I've got a 2.0T B9. Surprisingly it's been perfectly fine. The speed is still pretty quick, the mpg is good. Honestly would've wasted all my moneynifni went for a higher engine
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Without doubt my A5 2.0 Tfsi has been one of the best i have owned ( this is my 23rd Audi since 1988)

May be up for sale soon
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Thanks for the replies, really apprecaited

Search is still on as my current car goes back end of March, fingers crossed I find out before then, but do have the option to extend my lease if needed.

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You got any links to pictures of yours, etc?

When you say soon, in the next few months or longer?
Hi mate, yep in the next month or so it will be up... ill will pm you pics, mods etc, before I do, its a manual 2.0Tfsi (petrol)
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So update after some weeks of searching, I’ve now put a deposit down on a 2013 A5 Tdi S line Black pack, blue with full Audi service history. Decided to go with a diesel due to change of circumstances and will be doing more miles per week.

So now on the look out for new Audi ring logos and badges (A5 and TDI) etc in black, I’ve seen some on eBay etc but not sure what the quality is like, so does anyone have any links to ones they have bought and recommend?

Also looking for new wheel centre caps, replacement exhaust tail pipe finishers.

I’ve also noticed the wheel nuts heads could do with cleaning up, has anyone repainted them, if so what paint did you use?

Is there a way to update the sav nav maps, not sure whether is high or low version on MMI 3G fitted.

Thanks and sorry if these questions have been asked before

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Hi mate

If your going black rings, gloss black is the best option front and rear. For the rear go slightly bigger 210mm x 70 [68]mm look best on the A5.
Can't remember the size of the centre caps, but you could measure yours and then check out ebay foro plain caps and custome centres.
Don't bother painting the nuts order gloss black bolt covers.... something like this... 20Pcs 17mm Gloss Black Car Wheel Nut Caps Bolt Covers FOR Audi VW Vauxhall Bmw | eBay
Nav/bluetooth and system update... i'll pm you the guy I use
Exhaust tail pipe tips.... if you decide to go quad exhaust, I have a set of custom quad tips for sale, otherwise checking out your local guys who custom fit is the best option at leat you can see there work.

Hope that helps mate

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Cheers mate.

Do you have any links for ones on ebay, as would prefer to buy some from a place someone has bought from and are good quality?

I was thinking of changing the A5 and TDI badge to black, but now thinking I’ll just remove then all together.

The wheels are factory colour, so I guess I’d have to get nut caps that are silver, as I think the black may not look right.

I will check the size of the wheel centre caps once I get the car.

That’s for the PM, I will check this out as keen to add Apple car play, reverse camera etc

I will also be looking to upgrade interior bulbs, number plate bulbs etc to LED.

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Thanks mate.

I recall buying bulbs for my A4 a few years back from EM Tuning (Trups), but left them in when I sold it, so will contact them again.

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I've now got a confirmed delivery date, which is this Saturday (27th) :icon thumright:

Not sure if I'm correct or not, but isn't there a web site where you can enter your vin to get the full specification of your car?
Also, I've asked the dealer to provide we with some live DPF pressure readings, what sort of reading should I expect to get to show its ok?

The car has 65K miles on it, but the reason for asking the dealer for readings is because I am not sure how the previous owner drove it before, as they could have done just short trips and its close to being full etc.

These are the readings from the dealer:

Upload 2021 2 25 15 47 53

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