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Feb 15, 2015
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I’m in the process of ordering an Audi A6 TFSI 50e Sline on a lease and had a query as to what ambient lighting is standard on the A6. I know this can be enhanced with the comfort and sound pack but keen to understand what is standard. Is there a choice of colours?

Also does anyone currently have an A6 phev and if so what is the ride quality like? I’ve read it’s firm.
The standard ambient lighting is white only, you can control its brightness and it works really well. With the advanced pack there are more areas that get lit up, the line across the glovebox for example.
Great thanks. Can you advise what is actually lit up - I know the foot wells are. Is there any contour lighting on the doors or interior handle? Also is there lighting on the external door handles?
Footwells, lighting on the door panels and (on my MY19 car at least) lighting above the glovebox. With the advanced pack I think you also get lighting around the transission tunnel plus the ability to change the colours. My wifes golf has the abiloity to se;ect differnet colours and to be honest once the iniitial novelty has worn off (pretty quickly) I don't think it is a feature we would miss if it was not there

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